May Doe Kabar was launched on October 15, 2015 with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).It creates a channel for realising the colletive voices of rural women for inclusion in local and national policies. May Doe Kabar responds to the current needs and long-term aspirations of rural women to promote the role and leadership of rural women and their contribution to sustainable development and gender equality.

TheMayDoeKabar members are also connected through the iWomen Inspiring Women App, a free mobile co developed with UNDP and launch at 2016.

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iWomen - Inspiring Women is a free mobile application developed by Myanmar tech women for Myanmar rural women. iWomen app connects women living in rural villages across Myanmar to inspire, foster self-belief, and channel mentorship and peer support into their daily lives as they expand their roles in public and private spheres to become respected leaders in their communities.

iWomen app is a joint initiative of UNDP Myanmar and May Doe Kabar National Network of Rural Women. The Network connects over 2000 Self-Reliant Groups, formed under the Human Development Initiative Programme, and their township federations in 31 townships across Myanmar, with a membership of 22,000 women.

Get inspired! Get Knowledgeable and connect to the first Network of Myanmar Rural Women!

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